7 Reasons Why You Might Need To Take Biotin (6 of Them You Probably Didn’t Know)


Biotin is a water-soluble enzyme co-factor that is an essential micro-nutrient for all mammals. Being a co-factor means that it’s an important part of enzymes to help them do their job in the body. It’s a member of group B vitamin complex, but also know as vitamin H or co-enzyme R. It’s especially abundant in liver. Biotin is made in human intestines by gut bacteria, but our bodies are not able to store it. It is unknown how much of this bacteria-produced biotin contributes to overall nutrition of the body.

Why Do We Need Biotin?

B-vitamins (known as B-vitamin complex) are helping in converting food to fuel. They help to metabolize fats and proteins and they’re essential for healthy skin, hair, liver and eyes. Biotin is needed to metabolize the building blocks of proteins – amino acids. It’s also important in gene regulation.

Those vitamins are also very needed for effective nervous system function and essential in embryonic development.

Is There Any Biotin In Food?

Yes. Biotin can be found in several foods, such as nuts or bananas, cooked eggs etc. Although in this case you should always choose unprocessed foods, as many food-processing techniques destroy biotin.

7 Reasons Why You Might Need Biotin:

1. Hair Loss and Brittle Nails

Several researches show, that Biotin is extremely good to reduce problems like hair loss, brittle nails, split hair etc. Therefore it’s found in many products for hair, nails and skin (but remember – health always starts from the inside).

If you are troubled with any of these things, biotin might be just the right thing to get beautiful, strong hair and nails. In addition to taking a supplement, always try to eat unprocessed food, reduce your grain consumption and increase fruit and vegetable portions in your menu. Avoid sugar (in any form), corn syrup and other unhealthy things. Implementing some changes in your diet and supplementing at the same time can have tremendous effect on the health of your hair and nails.

You should also remember that since Biotin is made in the gut topical solutions like shampoos with biotin won’t help you. You need to take a supplement.

2. Pregnancy

It’s also a fact, that approximately 50% of women with normal pregnancy are biotin deficient (especially at the end of pregnancy), while not showing any other symptoms than high 3-HIA levels in urine, which is an indicator of biotin deficiency. In mice such degrees of biotin deficiency that are metabolically similar to those seen in pregnant women, are very teratogenic (causing disturbances in fetal development). Some researches raise the concern, that marginal biotin deficiency might also be teratogenic in human pregnancy, but this statement needs further studies. Especially when pregnant, always consult your physician before supplementing with anything! You may need some help to evaluate your personal needs.

3. Mild Depression And/Or Fatigue

A behavioural study carried out on mice revealed, that biotin-deficient mice were significantly more fatigued compared to their peers of same age in the same conditions. The mice became depressed and/or fatigued without the deficiency being apparent in brain and muscle.  There were significant changes in behaviour after biotin administration.  It is suggested, that supplementing with biotin may help human against depression and/or fatigue, too.

4. Anti-Aging Properies And Iron Deificency

There are studies showing, that biotin deficient cells have much higher rate of oxidative damage (free radicals, oxidation, faster cellular aging) than in biotin sufficient cells. In addition to that, supplementing biotin deficient cells with biotin greatly reduced DNA damage. In vitro , biotin deficiency accelerates cellular ageing significantly, while providing cells with biotin reduces the damage.

Also, adequate levels of Biotin are essential for adequate iron uptake. To reduce iron deficiency, you might need to provide your body with more biotin.

5. Unexplained Loss Of Taste

Two patients, both over 60, experienced an unexplained loss of taste. It clearly had a great impact on their life quality. By administrating oral biotin, those two people experienced taste restoration after supplementing with 20 mg of biotin per day for several weeks. Although this subject still needs further studies, it is suggested, that it might be a potential curative treatment for patients with unexplained loss of taste.

6. Diabetes

Supplementing with biotin has found to decrease insulin resistance and improve glucose tolerance in diabetic mouse model. Biotin is closely connected to regulating and have stimulatory effect on the genes, that affect those areas in the body. Taking biotin supplements have a potential to greatly improve glucose metabolism and/or utilization in people with type 2 diabetes mellitus. In addition to that, pharmacological doses of biotin helps to modify lipid metabolism.

7. Weight Loss With LCHF Diet

If you are on ketogenic diet  (which essentially means extremely low carbohydrate and high fat intake), you might need to consider supplementing with biotin. Ketogenic diet is used to promote weight loss and treat drug-resistant epilepsy.

A study on mice suggests, that being on ketogenic diet significantly increases biotin bioavailability and consumption. This means, that your body needs more biotin and the result is exaggerated biotin deficiency. It is suggested, that individuals on ketogenic diet have an increased biotin requirement.

In conclusion there are so many studies and researches, that show how supplementing with biotin is beneficial. It appears, that biotin deficiency is more common in people, than previously thought. Lacking biotin in your body may lead to several health issues, some more apparent than the others. Biotin is mainly used to acquire strong, healthy and beautiful hair and nails.

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