Can Black Currant Oil Help with Weight Loss?

Black currants have lately been making headlines and a true comeback to the health and fitness industry. And it’s no surprise! They’re truly something you can call a superfood. Black currants are one of the best sources of vitamin C and antioxidants. Its seeds contain lots of gamma linoleic acid (GLA). So how can black currant oil help with weight loss? Continue reading to find out.


What is Black Currant?

black currant oil weight lossThe black currant plant, a relatively small shrub, is widely known for its deep purple sour berries. It’s native to Europe, northern Asia and New Zealand, where the highest quality black currants are being grown.

Black currants have been used as a traditional herbal medicine in Europe for many centuries to treat different health issues and support good health. Because of the high content of vitamin C and antioxidants, black currants are ideal for supporting the function of your immune system.

You can eat raw black currants, use them in cooking or consume them as supplements. Most common forms of black currant supplements on the market are black currant oil and black currant extract.


What is Black Currant Oil?

black currant oil weight lossBlack currant oil is extracted from the seeds of black currants. Higher quality oils have been extracted using cold-pressed, chemical free method. However, there are many products on the market that are extracted using hexane. This is a highly flammable chemical commonly extracted from petroleum and crude oil. That doesn’t sound really healthy, does it? (PS! NutriONN Black Currant Oil softgels are cold-pressed and no hexane or other chemicals have been used!)

Black currant oil is an amazing source of gamma linoleic acid. This is an omega-6 fatty acid that regulates your body’s hormonal balance. Plus, it’s a great anti-inflammatory agent. About 70% of black currant oil is made up of essential fatty acids that have an important role in regulating your hormones. Not to mention all the antioxidants and high amounts of vitamin C that make sure your immune system is strong and ready to fight whatever comes its way.


Can Black Currant Oil Help with Weight Loss?

So, what are black currant weight loss benefits? Firstly, the high amounts of gamma linoleic acid a k a GLA has various health benefits that can attribute to a healthy weight.

black currant oil weight loss

Study published in “Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology” in October 2000 showed that GLA helped decrease the accumulation of body fat. Another study published in “Journal of Nutrition” in June 2007 showed that people who have undergone a major weight loss, will regain a lot less weight when using GLA than the people who didn’t take additional GLA.

Furthermore, according to a new study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology in April 2018, black currants enhance fat oxidation during exercise, meaning that black currants help your body burn more fat while you’re working out. The study showed that taking 600mg of black currant extract for 7 days helped female participants burn an average of 27% more fat while exercising! Dr Sam Shepherd, who conducted the research, told that this kind of increase in fat oxidation usually happens after 3-4 weeks of regular endurance training. This is definitely something noteworthy!



In addition to all of the amazing health benefits black currants can offer, multiple studies have shown that they can be a great way to support healthy weight. As most of us already know – (unfortunately) there is no miracle pill for weight and fat loss. But, taking a good quality black currant supplement accompanied by moderate exercise and healthy diet will probably help you shed that stubborn fat much quicker than without it.

Interested in trying it out yourself and see if it’s worth it? Try out our high quality, cold-pressed and hexane-free Black Currant Oil softgels.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2018: Healthy Mother Bundle

mothers day gift ideasOnce again it’s time for one of the most important holidays – Mother’s Day. All moms deserve to be celebrated – they’ve carried us for 9 months, given birth to us, dedicated their lives to care for us and help us grow. If that doesn’t deserve our complete adoration and love, what does?!

If you’re still looking for a perfect, thoughtful Mother’s Day gift, look no further! This year, skip the mugs and oven gloves – we’ve rounded up a few of our natural food supplements that your mother will absolutely love. We call this the NutriONN Healthy Mother Bundle. And if you’re a mother yourself, these supplements are definitely something that could benefit you as well! Check out our Mother’s Day gift ideas below.


From 7.-13. May we have a special Mother’s Day Campaign on our website! Use our coupon code: MOM2018 at the checkout for 20% discount.


Black Currant Oil

mothers day gift ideasBlack Currant Oil is one of the richest sources of gamma linoleic acid, a type of omega-6 fatty acid, which plays a key role in regulating our hormones and is an effective anti-inflammatory agent.

Black Currant Oil consists of around 70% of essential fatty acids which help to hydrate your skin and nourish your hair from the inside. It can even prevent hair thinning and help with hair regrowth by regulating your hormonal system. If your mom is having trouble in that department, this would make a perfect supplement for her to try out this Mother’s Day!

For centuries, blackcurrants have been used as a traditional herbal medicine to cure bladder stones, hepatic diseases, coughs and even to support cardiovascular health. Black currants are an excellent source of vitamin C and antioxidants. This means that it can boost your immune system and prevent colds and flus.

PS! Our Black Currant Oil supplement is Cold-Pressed. We don’t use hexane to extract the oil, which is a highly flammable chemical usually extracted from petroleum.

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Biotinmothers day gift ideas

Biotin is your number 1 stop for healthy hair and skin. Biotin helps transform proteins, fats and carbohydrates into energy, which is necessary for normal functioning of your body. All this new energy goes straight to your hair, skin and nails, making your hair and nails stronger and grow faster and even give your skin a healthy, youthful glow.

Biotin can be useful for weight management because of its ability to convert food you eat into usable energy. This process supports the metabolism and plays a key role in how fat is deposited.

Some studies have even shown that Biotin may improve glucose intolerance and help balance blood sugar levels.

Our supplement contains 10 000 mcg of Biotin. One bottle will last for up to 4 months!

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Organic Coconut Oil

mothers day gift ideasCoconut oil is an edible oil extracted from the meat of mature coconuts. Coconut oil consists of medium chain triglycerides a k a medium-chain fatty acids that have many benefits for your body.

Medium-chain fatty acids increase your body’s metabolic function, promote weight loss, support the thyroid and endocrine system and overall boost the immune system. This is truly one oil that you shouldn’t miss in your diet!

Coconut oil is a perfect source of energy because it is much more easily digested by your body than other oils and won’t be stored as fat so easily. Fats found in coconut oil have to go through a three-step process to be turned into fuel in our bodies. Other oils have to go through a 26-step process for that to happen! We all know how much energy our mothers need to take care of the family, household and career. Surely, coconut oil is worth a try!

PS! Our Coconut Oil Softgels are made from Cold-Pressed, 100% Extra Virgin coconut oil. The healthiest option you should look for!

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Magnesium Glycinatemothers day gift ideas

Magnesium is critically important for the normal functioning of cells, nerves, muscles, bones and the heart. Most commonly it is used to relax your mind and body, and to promote a good night’s sleep. Magnesium prevents and treats muscle cramps, but also helps to calm a racing mind. Something that a lot of moms struggle is constant worry about their families. Supplementing with magnesium is a perfect and natural way to fight the excessive worrying.

In addition to magnesium’s relaxing effects, it also supports energy production in your body by activating adenosine triphosphate (ATP) that helps fight fatigue. This makes Magnesium Glycinate a perfect supplement to survive all those late night feedings and sleepless nights.

Magnesium Glycinate is made of the essential acid magnesium and a non-essential amino acid glycine. This makes it one of the most bioavailable forms of magnesium! Stomach acids won’t break apart the magnesium and glycine, which happens to a lot of other combinations of magnesium. This way you’ll get the most out of the supplement you’re taking.

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Hopefully now you have some new Mother’s Day gift ideas to consider. Taking all these 4 supplements we covered above makes sure your mother has healthy hair, skin and nails, strong immune system and lots of energy to do all the things our magnificent mothers need to do!

What are you getting for your mother for this year’s Mother’s Day?

Keto Guide: MCT Oil vs Coconut Oil

mct oil vs coconutFor the last decade, probably most of us have heard about the magical elixir called coconut oil and how you should consume it every single day to be healthy and happy.

However, recently another oil has been making its name on the market – MCT oil. Fun part about it is that coconut oil is most commonly known for its high MCT content and what health benefits MCT’s provide.

Both of these have been praised as the holy grail of supplements, but what exactly is the difference between MCT oil and coconut oil? Let’s find out!



What is Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil is an edible oil extracted from the meat of mature coconuts. These coconuts are harvested from the Cocos nucifera tree, also know as coconut palm tree.

Coconut oil is used for various purposes. Mainly in cooking – in baked goods, for frying, pastries, snacks and much more. Coconut oil is also used in hair and skin care because of its protecting and moisturizing properties.

Unrefined extra virgin coconut oil (that’s the good stuff) has a strong coconut smell and flavor. When coconut oil is stored below 76 °F, it is solid and white. When stored above 76 °F, coconut oil melts into a transparent liquid.


What is MCT Oil?

MCT’s aka Medium Chain Triglycerides aka Medium Chain Fatty Acids are naturally found in coconut oil. MCT oil is usually extracted from coconuts, but it can also be sourced from palm oil (PS! For the sake of rainforests, we always recommend using MCT oil sourced from preferably organic coconuts). This makes MCT oil a concentrated form of some of the beneficial fatty acids found in coconut oil.

Coconut oil’s MCT content is approximately 60%, making coconut oil a great source of these valuable fatty acids. However, the MCT content in MCT oil is usually 99-100%. That 100% is made up of capric acid (C:8) and caprylic acid (C:10) where usually the majority is caprylic acid. MCT’s are easily metabolized for energy production and don’t need to go through the digestive tract. This also means that MCT’s are less likely to be stored as fat.

Table: MCT Oil vs Coconut Oil

mct oil vs coconut


Why Take MCT Oil?

mct oil vs coconutMCT’s are more easily and rapidly digested than any other type of fat! Therefore, you’ll gain immediate fuel for energy. MCT fatty acids don’t go through the regular metabolization process in your digestive system. Instead, they are directly sent to your liver where they are instantly burned for energy. This makes MCT oil an excellent way to fuel your body fast and naturally.

Since MCT’s are easily absorbed and sent directly to you liver, they’ll give you a shot of stable energy and have the ability to speed up your metabolism. Once MCT’s are in your liver, they’ll possess a thermogenic effect and won’t be stored as fat.

When taking MCT Oil, you’ll surely notice all the new energy you’ve gained and might notice your body composition changing as well (to the better of course!). When MCT’s have been processed by your liver and converted into energy, your body starts releasing ketones. You’ll get into nutritional ketosis and your body starts burning fat for fuel (rather than using glycogen).

Caprylic acid in MCT oil helps maintain a healthy gut. Not only has MCT oil antibacterial properties, but it gives your digestive system a little break, because the oil is being processed in your liver instead. Additionally, MCT’s are widely prescribed to people who suffer from malabsorption issues where their bodies won’t absorb essential nutrients properly.


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Why Take Coconut Oil?

mct oil vs coconutMCT content in coconut oil is approximately 60%. Coconut oil consists roughly of 45% lauric acid, 8% caprylic acid and 7% capric acid. It’s important to keep in mind that although lauric acid is also considered as an MCT, it is being metabolized more like a long-chain fatty acid. For this reason, lauric acid goes through a longer digestion process and might be stored as fat when consumed too much.

Coconut oil has amazing antibacterial and antifungal properties. Lauric acid gives coconut oil significant immune system boosting abilities to support overall health and wellbeing. Give coconut oil a go if you want to prevent common colds and viruses, or even help relieve them!

Lauric acid, which isn’t usually found in MCT oils rather than coconut oil, has many great health benefits. Lauric acid promotes good cardiovascular health by supporting healthy cholesterol levels and blood pressure. In addition, caprylic and lauric acids in coconut oil can reduce inflammation and moisturize your skin and hair – both externally and internally.


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Although coconut oil and MCT oil may seem to have many fairly similar health benefits, they are actually different and can be used for various reasons. Now that we’ve covered all the main differences between MCT and coconut oil, let us know – which one do you prefer?

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3 Signs That You Might Have Magnesium Deficiency

What is Magnesium?

magnesium deficiency

Magnesium is a chemical element, an alkaline earth metal that looks like a shiny silvery-white solid. It’s a strong metal and has almost the same density as aluminum which means that it’s strong but lightweight. It is the ninth most abundant element in the universe, eighth most abundant element in the Earth’s crust and eleventh most abundant in human body by weight!


Magnesium Health Benefits

Magnesium is an essential mineral that is found in your body, it’s also present in many foods. Did you know that magnesium is found in over 300 enzymes in your body? It is essential for all those hundreds of enzymes in your body to function properly and many of them involve energy metabolism. 

magnesium deficiency

Magnesium supports energy production in your body by activating adenosine triphosphate (ATP) that helps fight fatigue. The mineral is present in all cells in all living organisms – pretty cool, huh? 

Magnesium is critically important for the normal functioning of cells, nerves, muscles, bones and your heart. It is used to relax your mind and body, and to promote a good night’s sleep. And we all know that getting proper sleep is one of the most important things you can do to your health. Since Magnesium has a relaxing effect, it can even help with digestion. Plus, it relieves muscle aches and spasms.


Why Is Magnesium Deficiency a Thing?

Some studies have shown that less than 60% of adults in the United States get an adequate amount of Magnesium in their diet. Keep in mind that an adequate amount is not the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of magnesium. It is thought that less than 30% of adults in the United States consume the Recommended Daily Allowance of magnesium. (Source) It looks like magnesium deficiency really is a thing!

The Recommended Dietary Allowances for Magnesium are: (Source)

Age Male Female Pregnancy Lactation
Birth to 6 months 30 mg* 30 mg*
7–12 months 75 mg* 75 mg*
1–3 years 80 mg 80 mg
4–8 years 130 mg 130 mg
9–13 years 240 mg 240 mg
14–18 years 410 mg 360 mg 400 mg 360 mg
19–30 years 400 mg 310 mg 350 mg 310 mg
31–50 years 420 mg 320 mg 360 mg 320 mg
51+ years 420 mg 320 mg

*Adequate Intake (AI)

The issue is not always getting enough magnesium in your diet – there are many factors that can in fact aid in the loss of magnesium that’s already in your body. You’ll probably experience the loss of magnesium when sweating and ladies will experience this on their period as well. Stress is another huge factor that can make your body dump magnesium, as well as consuming processed and sugary foods. Not only are processed and sugary foods basically without any nutrients, they will also deplete your magnesium levels. (Source)


Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms

We mentioned earlier that magnesium is found in over 300 enzymes in your body. Now imagine that your body is not getting all the magnesium it needs. After a while you would probably notice some annoying symptoms telling you to get more magnesium ASAP.

So how do you know if your body is low on magnesium or that you might have magnesium deficiency? Although you could visit your doctor and let them assess magnesium levels in your blood, saliva or urine, it is not a sure way to tell if you really are magnesium deficient. Most of the magnesium in our bodies is found in cells and bones. But, there are some symptoms that might hint to a magnesium deficiency:


1. Muscle Cramps & Aches

magnesium deficiency

One of the most noticeable symptoms of magnesium deficiency is experiencing muscle cramps and aches. Magnesium is a key player in neuromuscular signals that are responsible for muscle contractions. Therefore, if you’re not getting enough magnesium, your muscles can’t relax properly and can start to ache. Another indicator that you might have magnesium deficiency is feeling constant weakness in your muscles or even experiencing severe muscle spasms that feel like you can hardly move. (Source)

PMS (premenstrual syndrome) symptoms such as muscle cramps can also be relieved by magnesium. To get the full benefits of magnesium, you should start taking it early on to let your body load up on magnesium in time.


2. Digestive Issues

magnesium deficiencyHaving trouble pooping lately? Been experiencing constipation? This might be caused by low levels of magnesium in your body. Some studies have shown the association between low magnesium intake and increasing prevalence of constipation. Because of magnesium’s ability to relax your muscles and therefore prevent muscle aches and cramps, it does the same thing with the muscles in your digestive tract and intestinal wall. (Source)

Magnesium also helps to neutralize stomach acid that’s needed for proper digestion of consumed food. As we mentioned earlier, eating processed and sugary foods will deplete your body from magnesium. In addition, these foods are hard to digest and when your body doesn’t produce enough stomach acid, it will be even harder!


3. Anxiety & Insomnia

Not only does magnesium help with relaxing your body, it can also relax your mind. Magnesium regulates hormones that calm your brain, therefore help you relax. If your brain can’t relax properly, you might experience restlessness, racing thoughts, irritability and insomnia. Magnesium plays a key role in the production of serotonin in your body, also known as the happy hormones.

magnesium deficiency

Some studies have shown that when supplementing with extra magnesium, patients were able to fall asleep quicker, their sleeping time and sleep efficiency increased. Magnesium is also important for the production of the hormone melatonin that helps maintain your body’s circadian rhythm. Your body will produce more melatonin when it’s dark outside and therefore induce sleepiness. Another important role for magnesium is lowering your body’s cortisol levels. Cortisol is known as the stress hormone, it controls how your body responds to stress and anxiety. (Source)


How to Get Enough Magnesium?

Magnesium Rich Foods

If you’re eating clean and getting enough leafy greens in your diet, chances are that you’re already getting some magnesium. But for example working out or having too many cheat meals may factor in the loss of magnesium from your body.

Foods high in magnesium: (Source)

magnesium deficiency

  • Whole Wheat (160mg per cup)
  • Spinach (157mg per cup of boiled spinach)
  • Quinoa (118mg per cup of cooked quinoa)
  • Almonds (80mg per ounce)
  • Cashews (74mg per ounce)
  • Black Beans (60mg per cup)
  • Edamame (50mg per half a cup of shelled, cooked edamame)
  • Peanuts (49mg per 2 tablespoons)
  • Tofu (37mg per half a cup)
  • Sesame Seeds (32mg per tablespoon)


Supplementing with Magnesium

It’s reasonable to keep an eye on how your body is feeling to assess the need for some extra magnesium. If you’ve been noticing muscle aches and spasms, experience really bad PMS symptoms, feel anxious and can’t sleep or even have trouble with digestion, then supplementing with magnesium could help you out and relieve the symptoms.

magnesium deficiency

Magnesium is available on the market in many different forms – most commonly magnesium oxide, magnesium citrate, magnesium chloride, magnesium glycinate and magnesium oil for external use. Some studies have shown that magnesium in citrate and chloride forms is absorbed better by your body than magnesium oxide or magnesium sulfate. (Source) It is not known if magnesium oil will actually improve your body’s magnesium levels, but it is a safe alternative for people who can’t take magnesium supplements internally.

One of the best-absorbed forms of magnesium is magnesium glycinate. Magnesium glycinate is made of the essential mineral magnesium and a non-essential amino acid glycine. The added glycine is an efficient carrier of minerals. Magnesium and glycine will stay together while travelling through your intestines. Your body will absorb magnesium through the same channels that the added glycine uses. (SourceThus, you’ll get the most out of the magnesium you’re consuming. Since magnesium and glycine have such a great bond, the magnesium won’t be left behind to upset your stomach. This is an issue that some other forms of magnesium have.



In today’s world getting enough magnesium is a problem. Most of the adult population doesn’t get enough magnesium in their diet. However, there are other factors at play – for example food consumption, activity levels and more.

If you’ve been noticing any symptoms we covered earlier above, you could possibly benefit from supplementing yourself with magnesium. Our Magnesium Glycinate supplement is an ideal way to do this – Magnesium Glycinate is easier on your stomach and is widely known for being one of the best-absorbed forms of magnesium! It is always recommended to discuss with your healthcare professional about your personal needs.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post and found some useful information from it. Don’t forget to stay healthy, active and happy!


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Psyllium Husk Weight Loss Benefits

What is Psyllium Husk?psyllium husk

When talking about Psyllium Husk we are actually talking about the Psyllium seed husks that are portions of the seeds from the plant Plantago ovata. Plantago ovata is found all over the world, but most commonly in India and Pakistan where it’s native.

psyllium husk weight lossPsyllium is a type of dietary fiber that is commonly used as a bulk-forming laxative. Psyllium Husk is indigestible meaning it is a source of soluble fiber that has the ability to pass through your digestive system without completely broken down or absorbed by your body. What Psyllium Husk does is by absorbing water, it forms a gel-like substance. This process plays a key role in making the stool softer.


How Can Psyllium Husk Help with Weight Loss? Psyllium Husk Weight Loss Benefits

We always hear that you need a good amount of fiber for getting to a healthy weight and maintaining it. It seems that in today’s world it has become more and more difficult for people to get a proper amount of fiber with their food. Supermarkets are stacked with processed foods that are filled with virtually no essential nutrients, fast food has become more available than ever. You’ll get fiber from fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and healthy grains, but reality is that sometimes it’s not enough. Psyllium Husk is an excellent source of fiber – both soluble and insoluble fiber that can both help you reach your desired weight.psyllium husk weight loss

So can Psyllium Husk really aid in weight loss and how can it do that? We believe it’s a wonderful natural supplement to support weight loss and help you reach your ideal weight! Please keep in mind that there is no miracle quick fix for losing weight – weight loss is a long term process that takes time and dedication. But having some assistance definitely helps you out a lot. Check out the following 3 key Psyllium Husk weight loss benefits:


Reducing Hunger & Keeping You Full

psyllium husk weight lossPsyllium Husk in a capsule form seems like a fairly small amount of fiber. But when you combine it with plenty of water, Psyllium Husk can expand up to 40 times its regular size! Pretty impressive, huh? Therefore, if you struggle with overeating, nasty cravings and too much snacking in between your meals, then you just HAVE to try out Psyllium Husk. Taking Psyllium Husk immediately before your meal or 20 minutes prior to your meal will help you feel full sooner and keep it that way for a longer period of time! Bye-bye irregular meal times and impulsive snacking. 


Relieving Constipation & Cleansing Colon

In the previous point we discussed how fiber in Psyllium Husk will make your stool softer and regulate bowel movement. When you take Psyllium Husk with water, it will increase in its size in your digestive tract. When Psyllium Husk has increased, it stimulates your intestines and makes stool not only softer, but move through your digestive tract more quickly and definitely more easily. Psyllium Husk is an excellent aid for you if you struggle with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or other issues in your digestive tract.

psyllium husk weight loss

When your digestive tract is in good shape, your bowel movement regular and pleasant, it will cleanse your colon from harmful toxins. Having a healthy and clean colon is essential when you want to lose weight. Plus, your immune system will hugely benefit when your body is clean and doesn’t hold on to all the things you’ve consumed, thus making it easier to lose weight.


Regulating Blood Sugar Levels

Did you know that fiber has been found to control your body’s glycemic response after a meal and therefore help reduce your blood sugar levels? Fiber in Psyllium Husk helps to slow down the absorption of sugar. Take it with food so it has a proper effect on your blood sugar levels.

psyllium husk weight lossHow does blood sugar levels matter in weight management? If your body’s energy stores are full when your body digests carbohydrates, all the excess sugar from food that’s not being used for energy will be stored in your liver or muscle-tissue cells. If these stores are full, your body will begin to store the excess sugar as fat. This is another reason why Psyllium Husk plays an important role in supporting your health and aiding in weight loss.


How to Take Psyllium Husk for Weight Loss?

The easiest way to consume Psyllium Husk is in capsule form – you don’t have to deal with mixing powdered Psyllium Husk in water before consuming it. Just take our Psyllium Husk capsules with at least one big glass of water before a meal and drink a lot of water during the day for Psyllium Husk to have the best benefits on your body. Easy as that! Plus, getting enough water on its own is widely known to support healthy weight.

psyllium husk weight loss

If you’re taking our NutriONN Psyllium Husk capsules, you would need to take 2 capsules twice daily. But keep in mind, we are all different and our bodies have different needs. Sometimes it is necessary to take up to 10 capsules a day, but this means that you need to build up your tolerance for it. Sometimes people need only 1-2 capsules a day. We recommend that you consult with your healthcare professional about how much Psyllium Husk you need and should consume if it’s above our recommended dosage.

Always consume plenty of water when supplementing yourself with Psyllium Husk – not getting enough water when using the supplement may cause some nasty headaches. Consuming Psyllium Husk with an inadequate amount of water can be a choking hazard. Please be cautious and take care of your body!

Please keep in mind that sometimes Psyllium Husk may interfere with the absorption of some vitamins and medications. If you are worried about consuming Psyllium Husk while being medicated with other drugs, please consult with your doctor on what works best for you. If you feel any discomfort or experience constipation while supplementing Psyllium Husk, you should stop at least for time being and consult with a healthcare professional about the issues you’ve encountered.


Conclusion on How Psyllium Husk Helps with Weight Management

Let’s do a quick summary on the 3 key Psyllium Husk weight loss benefits:

  • Taking Psyllium Husk before a meal will help you feel full more quickly and keep it that way for a longer period time. No more snacking and annoying cravings!
  • Psyllium Husk will help stimulate healthy bowel movement, cleanse your colon and body from waste;
  • Fiber in Psyllium Husk will help slow down the absorption of sugar after a meal and your body will be less likely to store sugar as fat.

Psyllium Husk truly is a wonderful natural supplement to try out if you’re not getting enough fiber in your diet or need some help for your digestive health. If you’re interested in trying out Psyllium Husk yourself, check out our Psyllium Husk capsules. The capsule form makes it super easy to get your fiber in!

Hope you enjoy the benefits Psyllium Husk can provide you. We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Psyllium Husk weight loss benefits!

What Is The Difference Between Ubiquinol and Ubiquinone?

front coq10Coenzyme 10 (or CoQ10) is available in two different forms – Ubiquinol and Ubiquinone. The most common questions people ask are – What is the difference? Is one better than the other? Which one should I take?

The usually told difference between Ubiquinol and Ubiquinone is that Ubiquinol should be absorbed better by the body. However, this is not necessarily true.

First, what is CoQ10?

CoQ10 is fat-soluble nutrient that is found in every cell of our bodies. It is most concentrated in organs that need the most energy, such as heart, liver, kidneys and muscles. CoQ10 is a necessary part for producing energy in the cell.

In the body, CoQ10 can exist in two different forms – ubiquinone or ubiquinol.

What is the difference?

These two compounds are one natural process apart – oxidizing. They can both exist in the body – ubiquinone (the oxidized version) and ubiquinol (the reduced version). When oxidized CoQ10 (ubiquinone) is used by the body, it transforms and becomes ubiquinol. In the same way, reduced CoQ10 (ubiquinol) becomes ubiquinone when it carries out its purpose in your body.


How does it work?

Every cell has their powerhouses called mitochondria, the place where energy production takes place. This is where you find CoQ10. In the process of producing energy, electrons are being exchanged. For this exchange, there are electron acceptors and donors needed – in chemistry everything has to work in balance.

CoQ10 acts as electron acceptor or donor in the chain of reaction that leads to energy production.

When oxidized CoQ10 (ubiquinone) accepts an electron from another molecule in the chain, it becomes reduced (ubiquinol) and when reduced CoQ10 (ubiquinol) donates an electron, it becomes oxidized (ubiquinone). Maintaining this balance is how your body most benefits from CoQ10.

In conclusion – It does not matter in what form of CoQ10 you take as a supplement – the body is able to convert the consumed form to the other form as needed.

To put it simply, if you take a reduced CoQ10 supplement (ubiquinol), the body can convert it to the oxidized CoQ10 (ubiquinone) and vice versa. This conversion takes place to maintain a state of balance between reduced CoQ10 (ubiquinol) and oxidized CoQ10 (ubiquinone). Your body knows how to use both forms when needed.

There may be certain situations when your body is unable to convert ubiquinone into ubiquinol (diagnosed by a doctor who will make a recommendation if that should be the case), but other than that your body is able to use both.

It all comes down to the price and quality of the product. Which we can assure you is absolute best here at NutriONN. You can read more about our CoQ10 supplement on our CoQ10 product page.

8 Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seed Oil


Pumpkin seeds have been used in folk medicine for a long time. We dug deeper to see what our ancestors saw in the seeds.

Today there are several scientific studies that confirm the beneficial properties of pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil.

Pumpkin seeds contain a long list of valuable substances. They are most known for their fatty acid, zinc, magnesium and anti-oxidative substance content.

Here are 8 amazing health benefits:

1. Great source of Omega-3 fatty acids

We know that omega-3 together with omega-6 are essential fatty acids that need to be obtained from food. The desired ratio for these two fatty acids is 2:5. Today an average American consumes them in ratio of 1:16.This is clearly out of proportion and we should add some extra omega-3 to our average diets.

Pumpkin seeds contain alpha-linoleic acid, which is plant based omega-3 source. It is perfectly suitable for vegans, who do not get their omega-3 from fish products.

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for boosting brain function, improving artery health and fight bad cholesterol.

2. Glowing skin

Pumpkin seed oil contains a great amount of zinc. Zinc plays a key role in skin and hair health. It helps to repair damaged tissues, heal wounds and assists in proper structure of cell membranes and proteins. Zinc is very beneficial for problematic skin with its anti-inflammatory properties. It also protects against UV-radiation.  Studies have shown that some extra zinc in diet has had beneficial effects on acne-prone skin.

3. Improved cardiovascular and heart health

Pumpkin seeds contain a lot of magnesium that is very important mineral for several functions in the body. Including heart pumping and blood vessel relaxation. Magnesium has shown to reduce blood pressure and help to prevent sudden heart-related issues. Yet around 80% of Americans are magnesium deficient.

4. Lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels

A study on 35 post-menopausal women showed significant reduction in blood pressure after administering pumpkin seed oil over a 12-week period. The same study showed reduction in bad cholesterol levels over the same period of time.

Pumpkin Seed Oil

NutriONN Cold-Pressed Pumpkin Seed Oil Softgels

5. Strong hair

Vitamins A, E and K found in pumpkin seeds help to make hair shinier and boost their strength.

6. Anti-inflammatory properties

Pumpkin seeds have shown anti-inflammatory properties and in addition to being beneficial for skin, it has been used as a support in arthritis treatment.

7. Prostate protection

Pumpkin seeds have been very valued for men’s health. This is again mainly due to high zinc content since zinc is very important mineral for good prostate health.

8. Restful sleep

Pumpkin seeds are rich source of tryptophan – an amino acid that is converted into serotonin by your body. This in turn is converted into melatonin, which is known as the sleep hormone.  It plays critical role in regulating your sleep/wake cycle.

Magnesium, mentioned previously, is also important for good night sleep. It is known to help your body to relax.


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If You Are A Human Then You Probably Have Parasites

parasites-are-everywhereA parasite is an organism that feeds and lives off any other organism, known as the host. In humans, it is surprisingly common to have some kind of a parasite infection. “In recent medical studies it has been estimated that 85% of the North American adult population has at least one form of parasites living in their bodies. Some authorities feel this figure may be as high as 95%. Humans can play “host” to over 100 different kinds of parasites, ranging from microscopic to several-feet-long tape-worms…” -Dr. Ross Anderson, one of America’s foremost parasitic infection specialists.

Being the host while even knowing it! It is one of the most undiagnosed health issue in the States.

Parasites? What parasites? I wash my hands and, therefore, I don’t have them! Or do I?

Even though a proper hand-washing routine and overall hygiene are the primary methods to avoid parasites, there are still other ways to get infected. For example, drinking contaminated water or consuming food washed in contaminated water, or eating improperly cooked meat products are a few additional huge risk-factors.

Despite the super-careful habit of soaping your hands prior eating, you can still get infected with parasites.

Why do I need to do the detox if I didn’t even notice having parasites?

helminth-imageParasites receive all vital nutrients from their host. They eat all the good stuff, while your body is left with just empty carbohydrates and deprived of nutrients. This may lead to weight gain. In addition to that, parasites excrete toxins into human body. This makes your body to work hard to get rid of the toxins.

If your body has been hosting parasites over a lengthy time period, it has been forced to deal with the constant secretion of new toxins. Toxins can stress the body’s immune system, which in turn leads to weakening your immune system. A weak immune system makes your body susceptible to all different kinds of viruses and bacteria.

Who are the most susceptible to parasite infections?

* Raw foodists – you can kill most parasites by cooking your food.

* People who have weak immune system – the body is unable to fight the infection.

* People with poor hygiene – coming in contact to contaminated water, food or feces and not maintaining sufficient hygiene puts people at greater risk of getting infected.

* Travellers – especially if you travel internationally, to developing countries or countries where you know for certain, that tap water is undrinkable. Be mindful of what you eat, make sure to not drink tap water, do not brush your teeth using it. Salads tend to be source of parasites when washed with contaminated water.

* People who have daily and close contact to children and/or pets. And of course, the children themselves. Pets get infected more easily, as they sniff and/or eat each other’s feces. Children often forget to wash their hands and they explore the world a lot more than adults. It is not uncommon that a child has a close contact with animal feces, for example. Parasites are quite contagious, which is why they tend to spread well among children.

Note: Never treat a child with any detox supplement before consulting with his/her physician first!

To summarize, there is an extremely high possibility of being infected with a parasite, no matter how often you wash your hands. Their life purpose is to lay their eggs to multiply and infect as many hosts as possible. Once a person is infected, the parasite is very easy to pass along with its microscopic eggs. You can get them from a salt-shaker used by a person who didn’t wash his/her hands, from a public restroom or schools/kindergartens, where they can easily travel from one to another via just a touch.

Naturally, living with parasites is very stressful for the body. Parasite Cleanse is an effective way of eliminating parasites from the system. NutriONN’s Parasite Cleanse capsules are made of parasite eliminating plants known for centuries. Together with our “Complete 10 Day Parasite Detox Handbook” we make it easier for you and your body to excrete these nasty creatures from your body.

Doing annual parasite detox will be very beneficial to your health, as it kills the nutrient-munching, toxin-secreting bad guys in your intestines.

Parasite Cleanse For Humans

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Why You Should Take CoQ10 Together With Coconut Oil

CoQ10 is a component present in every cell of the body. It is vital for producing necessary energy for proper cell functioning.  As an antioxidant CoQ10 helps to protect cell from damages caused by harmful molecules.

Recent data indicates, that consuming CoQ10 has positive affects on various body functions, including the genes that are involved in cell signalling (communication between different cells) and metabolism. CoQ10 is made in the body, but in certain situations the body does not create enough of it

Many neurodegenerative disorders, cancer, diabetes, muscular and cardiovascular diseases and the severity of heart failure are associated with low CoQ10 levels. CoQ10 deficiencies are often the result of ageing-related oxidative stress, cancer formation process and secondary side effect of statin treatment (drugs, that lower cholesterol).

Coconut oil on its own is loaded with healthy fats and it has a long list of health benefits (including help in lowering high blood pressure, increasing good cholesterol, strengthening immune system and increasing metabolism).

Why should you take CoQ10 together with coconut oil?

CoQ10 is lipid-soluble, which means it doesn’t dissolve in water and therefore your body is not able to absorb it. In order for your body to make proper use of a CoQQ10 supplement, it should always be taken with a meal containing healthy fats.

Today while most people do attempt to eat healthier, it is not always simple to know whether or not your meal contains proper amount of healthy fat – taking coconut oil capsules with CoQ10 is the perfect solution. Coconut oil helps you to ensure enough healthy fats for the CoQ10 to dissolve. Ideally you should take both coconut oil capsule and Coq10 supplement with meals as  the digestion process will allow ample time for the CoQ10 to fully dissolve and be properly absorbed by the body.

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10 Amazing Health Benefits of Coconut Oil


Today coconut oil can be found in supermarkets in a variety of forms. You can use it topically, internally, as a supplement or in cooking. Coconut oil isn’t popular for nothing – populations in areas where coconuts have been consumed daily for centuries, are the healthiest populations on the planet. Here are 10 the most important health benefits of coconut oil.

1. Coconut oil is loaded with healthy fats

Coconut oil is mostly made up of medium chain triglycerides (MCT); which research has shown to be healthy and easily digestible by the human body. As opposed to long chain triglycerides found in most animal-based foods. Coconut oil consists of about 90-92 % of these healthier fats! What a good thing to eat!

2. Coconut oil possesses powerful antibacterial properties

Roughly 50% of those awesome MCTs are lauric acid, followed in amount by capric acid. These particular components give coconut oil its potential power to deal with several harmful bacteria (including the ones causing urinary tract infections, throat infections and pneumonia) and viruses (including influenza, herpes and cytomegalovirus). Both lauric and capricic acid are found in human breast milk, that protects the baby from viruses and bacteria.

3. Antifungal properties of coconut oil are noteworthy, as it has been shown to be helpful in preventing and even curing candida (yeast, that causes fungal infections). It provides relief from the inflammation caused by this fungus both internally and topically. There was even a research in 2007 concluding, that coconut oil should be used to treat fungal infections, in the view of many drug-resistant species emerging.

4. Potentially beneficial aiding against stress and depression

Medium chain fatty acids have been found helpful in reducing stress and coconut oil consists primarily of MCT. Research has suggested that coconut oil may be beneficial in reducing stress-induced damage in the body and also restore antioxidant balance (especially imbalances caused by stress).

5. Good bone and teeth health

Coconut oil helps the body to absorb minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. These two minerals are not only essential for maintaining healthy teeth and strong bones, but coconut oil has also been shown to stop and prevent tooth cavities.

6. Powerful help in losing weight and reducing body fat

Coconut oil promotes ketosis, which essentially means, that the body is not using carbohydrates for its primary source of energy – it uses fats. When a person is in ketosis, instead of feeling hunger the minute his/her belly is empty, the body starts to burn its own fat. Even if not in ketosis, since coconut oil is easy to digest, it increases the body’s metabolic rate and supports the healthy functioning of thyroid and endocrine systems.

7. Strengthens immune system

As mentioned, coconut oil has pretty impressive antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. It has the potential power to protect human organism for harmful bacteria, therefore strengthening overall immune system.

8. Better and faster metabolism

The fact that fatty acids present in coconut oil are antibacterial, help to kill bad bacteria in the gut. This in turn helps to prevent indigestions caused by the bad bacteria. It also increases body’s metabolic rate by reducing stress on pancreas, which leads to burning more energy.

9. Good for your heart health

This is again thanks to this extremely good component of coconut oil, the lauric acid. Lauric acid helps to prevent and help with many heart-related conditions, such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. Therefore, it reduces the occurrence of injury or damage to the arteries which helps in preventing atherosclerosis.

10. Helps to reduce bad cholesterol levels and increase good cholesterol

Coconut oil is rich in healthy fats, which means it is not elevating blood cholesterol! It is known to increase good cholesterol and also reduce blood sugar levels.

These 10 benefits are essentially just a a brief synopsis of the many useful properties coconut oil possesses. Incorporating coconut oil in your daily menu can benefit you in so many ways. We, the people on the NutriONN team, have used coconut oil daily for a couple of years now and we feel the difference! We are happy that we have been able to put the good stuff in capsules and give you the chance to reap its benefits. Our product is 100% natural and made right here in the USA.

Coconut 3 bottles

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