If You Are A Human Then You Probably Have Parasites

parasites-are-everywhereA parasite is an organism that feeds and lives off any other organism, known as the host. In humans, it is surprisingly common to have some kind of a parasite infection. “In recent medical studies it has been estimated that 85% of the North American adult population has at least one form of parasites living in their bodies. Some authorities feel this figure may be as high as 95%. Humans can play “host” to over 100 different kinds of parasites, ranging from microscopic to several-feet-long tape-worms…” -Dr. Ross Anderson, one of America’s foremost parasitic infection specialists.

Being the host while even knowing it! It is one of the most undiagnosed health issue in the States.

Parasites? What parasites? I wash my hands and, therefore, I don’t have them! Or do I?

Even though a proper hand-washing routine and overall hygiene are the primary methods to avoid parasites, there are still other ways to get infected. For example, drinking contaminated water or consuming food washed in contaminated water, or eating improperly cooked meat products are a few additional huge risk-factors.

Despite the super-careful habit of soaping your hands prior eating, you can still get infected with parasites.

Why do I need to do the detox if I didn’t even notice having parasites?

helminth-imageParasites receive all vital nutrients from their host. They eat all the good stuff, while your body is left with just empty carbohydrates and deprived of nutrients. This may lead to weight gain. In addition to that, parasites excrete toxins into human body. This makes your body to work hard to get rid of the toxins.

If your body has been hosting parasites over a lengthy time period, it has been forced to deal with the constant secretion of new toxins. Toxins can stress the body’s immune system, which in turn leads to weakening your immune system. A weak immune system makes your body susceptible to all different kinds of viruses and bacteria.

Who are the most susceptible to parasite infections?

* Raw foodists – you can kill most parasites by cooking your food.

* People who have weak immune system – the body is unable to fight the infection.

* People with poor hygiene – coming in contact to contaminated water, food or feces and not maintaining sufficient hygiene puts people at greater risk of getting infected.

* Travellers – especially if you travel internationally, to developing countries or countries where you know for certain, that tap water is undrinkable. Be mindful of what you eat, make sure to not drink tap water, do not brush your teeth using it. Salads tend to be source of parasites when washed with contaminated water.

* People who have daily and close contact to children and/or pets. And of course, the children themselves. Pets get infected more easily, as they sniff and/or eat each other’s feces. Children often forget to wash their hands and they explore the world a lot more than adults. It is not uncommon that a child has a close contact with animal feces, for example. Parasites are quite contagious, which is why they tend to spread well among children.

Note: Never treat a child with any detox supplement before consulting with his/her physician first!

To summarize, there is an extremely high possibility of being infected with a parasite, no matter how often you wash your hands. Their life purpose is to lay their eggs to multiply and infect as many hosts as possible. Once a person is infected, the parasite is very easy to pass along with its microscopic eggs. You can get them from a salt-shaker used by a person who didn’t wash his/her hands, from a public restroom or schools/kindergartens, where they can easily travel from one to another via just a touch.

Naturally, living with parasites is very stressful for the body. Parasite Cleanse is an effective way of eliminating parasites from the system. NutriONN’s Parasite Cleanse capsules are made of parasite eliminating plants known for centuries. Together with our “Complete 10 Day Parasite Detox Handbook” we make it easier for you and your body to excrete these nasty creatures from your body.

Doing annual parasite detox will be very beneficial to your health, as it kills the nutrient-munching, toxin-secreting bad guys in your intestines.

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