About Us

About Us

Who we are?

We are a small family-owned company on a mission to help people support their health with natural food supplements. We started this journey because we wanted to offer pure, natural products at an affordable price point without any artificial and unnecessary additives.

 We started out in 2013 and launched our very first supplement – Garcinia Cambogia Extract. Next in line were Green Coffee Bean Extract and CoQ10. By 2024 we have expanded our product line to 30 natural food supplements and counting.

 Our wide range of supplements has something for everyone – healthy fats, minerals, herbs and plants used in traditional medicine for centuries, supplements for gut health and weight management, hormonal balance and stress management, antioxidants and more.

Our Philosophy

We firmly believe that your health is your greatest wealth. A healthy body and mind is the key to a high quality life. Our goal is to help you lead better, healthier lives with the help of what nature has to offer to us.

We dedicate a lot of time and energy to research our supplements. We make sure to choose the best ingredients to provide you the highest quality products. There’s no need to take supplements that contain filler ingredients or are made from ingredients that your body can’t properly absorb.

When developing a new product, the main goal is to make it as natural as possible. The number one goal is quality and purity. We can’t always compete with price, but we can compete with caring about our customers and offer the best product possible.”

– Kris Noode, Founder of NutriONN


At NutriONN, ensuring the utmost quality and safety of our products is not just our commitment; it’s our foundation. That’s why every NutriONN supplement is crafted within the United States in facilities that strictly adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Our production sites undergo rigorous inspections by the FDA, ensuring that we meet and exceed the highest standards set forth by the US Food and Drug Administration.

The essence of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) lies in its rigorous standards for consistent quality control. This framework is pivotal in reducing the risks inherent in pharmaceutical production that cannot be addressed solely by final product testing. As described by the ISPE (International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering), GMP ensures our products are produced and regulated according to the highest quality standards, safeguarding your health and trust.

We take pride in offering you products of unparalleled purity, devoid of any artificial ingredients. Our commitment is reflected not just in the claims on our supplement bottles but in our actions and practices. With NutriONN, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to transparency, quality, and your well-being.

Why Choose NutriONN?

We believe in the power of information. Transparency is an important part of our moral code. We believe that you should have a complete freedom of choice by providing you all the information about our products. Also, you’ll find many interesting articles about a wide range of health topics from our NutriONN Health Blog.

You can find answers to your questions from our product pages or you can contact us directly for a quick response.

As a small company the most valuable asset is our customer – YOU! – and we make sure we do everything to make you happy. Every email, every question or every problem is answered within hours.

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NutriONN Promise

100% Natural

All our products are 100% natural, without any artificial and unnecessary additives.

Made in USA

All our products are manufactured right here in the USA and our labs are FDA inspected.


Our products are manufactured in a GMP-compliant facility.


If there is something you don’t like about our products, you’ll get a full refund.

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