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Black Currant Oil

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Supports Hormonal Balance and Healthy Immune System

Black currant oil is one of the richest known sources of gamma linolenic acid, which plays a key role in regulating your hormones.

The presence of antioxidant vitamin C in black currants turns them into a great immunity booster. As your immune system becomes stronger, you don’t get vulnerable to cold, fever and infection.

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What is Black Currant Oil?

Black Currant Oil is cold-pressed oil from Ribes nigrum (commonly knows as black currant) berry seeds. It is pure and it is free of chemicals that are used in extraction processes.

What is Black Currant Oil used for?

Black Currants have been used in Northern Europe to take care of health for ages. Black Currant Oil helps to strengthen immune system and due to its high GLA content, is used for good woman’s health. High GLA content makes it also beneficial for different skin problems and joint pain. Black Currant Seed Oil is used to protect immune system and help with eye, skin, heart and brain health.

Benefits of NutriONN Black Currant Oil

  • Our oil is Cold-Pressed – forget the additives and chemical extraction. Our oil is PURE and hexane free.
  • Rich source of GLA that helps regulate hormonal imbalance.
  • Black Currant Seed Oil contains twice as much of GLA as Evening Primrose oil – a plant, that is known for being beneficial for hormonal imbalances.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties – Your body is able to convert GLA to substances that reduce inflammation and cell reduction.
  • Helps to protect the immune system – Black currants have been used in Northern Europe to take care of health for ages. Especially in the cold season.
  • Full of good fatty acids – omega-3 and omega-6!
  • Great for skin, hair, heart and brain health.
  • Eye health protection with its antioxidant properties.

NutriONN Guarantee

All NutriONN supplements are manufactured right here in the U.S.A in a GMP-compliant facility. Our labs are FDA-inspected. We provide you with the highest quality pure Black Currant Oil without any artificial ingredients.


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