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Start off with Intestinal Cleanse

Follow a 10-day detox program with this all natural detox formula made up of 17 carefully selected herbs to supply your body with important nutrients. 

Intestinal Cleanse includes ingredients that promote detoxification and at the same time nourish your body. 

Your body will not have to deal with damaging substances released by harmful invaders anymore and you can be sure that nutrients and vitamins are no longer stolen from your body.


Introduce Colostrum for taking care of your GI tract health

Colostrum helps to strengthen your gut and support healthy gastrointestinal function. 

Studies have shown that the growth factors present in Colostrum may stimulate the growth and repair of gastrointestinal tract. They stimulate cell growth and therefore strengthen the lining of the gut. This makes Colostrum extremely beneficial for people with leaky gut.


Keep it regular with Psyllium Husk

Psyllium Husk is there to help you with regularity and also helps prevent constipation.

It has also shown to be helpful in lowering blood cholesterol levels.

Furthermore it offers relief in cases of acidity – by maintaining healthy and balanced pH in your intestines. Say no to pain caused by acid in the belly!

Gut Health Bundle


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