How To Boost Women’s Libido in A Natural Way?

Nov 24, 2022

Although not so often discussed, low libido is a problem of many women in different life phases. Curious what are the reasons for low libido and how libido can be naturally boosted? Keep on reading..

Low Libido and Its Causes

The truth is that women’s libido changes throughout their life. It can be affected by many different factors such as hormonal changes during and after pregnancy, menopause or an illness. Libido level can also be affected by stress, habits, lifestyle choices and certain medications such as antidepressants and birth control.

The highs and lows can also be noticed in different moments of being in and out of a relationship. And when in a relationship, low libido affects both sides.

When a woman experiences low libido, her partner may start to feel undesirable and unfulfilled which in turn can lead to relationship issues. In fact, it can easily turn into a vicious circle as the stress from relationship problems can again affect libido in a negative way. 

The good news is that there are different ways to boost libido that are well worth exploring.

Libido-Boosting Foods

Foods that increase sex drive are commonly called aphrodisiacs. They are said to arouse sexual instinct and increase pleasure, however many of them are not scientifically studied enough to say that they really work.

Some examples:

  • Chocolate
  • Oysters
  • Figs
  • Watermelon
  • Saffron

Libido-Lowering Foods

While the previously listed foods promise to support your libido, there are also a bunch of foods to avoid or limit if you’re experiencing problems with libido.

These include:

  • Foods high in saturated fats such as fries and chips
  • Refined carbohydrates such as products made from white flower including pasta, bread and pastry
  • Soy products – tofu, soy milk
  • Beverages that contain sweeteners
  • Alcohol
  • Sugar

Coffee & Libido

There has been a lot of discussion on whether coffee is good or bad for sexual function. The truth is that it has its positive as well as negative effect on it.

Firstly, I would like to introduce you to the results of a study that was made with female rats. The study showed that the libido of rats was significantly boosted after consuming caffeine

Although these results sound promising, there are a few drawbacks regarding the conclusion. Firstly, these rats had never consumed caffeine in their life and secondly, the amount that they were given was equal to about 10 cups of coffee for a human.

Drinking so much coffee however is not recommended, especially if you have never had a coffee in your life or drink it rarely. The stimulating effect can create anxiety in some people even with lower amounts and anxiety is a known libido disruptor.

On the other hand, coffee is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory benefits which are great for blood flow and relaxing muscles which in turn can benefit the sexual function.

All in all, there is no definitive conclusion on whether coffee is good or bad for libido, so as with almost everything in life – moderation is the key!

Herbal Aphrodisiacs That Actually Work

Now I am going to talk about something very important, so read carefully. There is a list of herbal aphrodisiacs that have been studied and proven to help boost libido.

That’s right. I’m not talking about folklore, mythology or a “how to?” column in a fashion magazine. Here’s a list of herbs that let you discover your full potential when it comes to libido and experiencing pleasure.

  • Horny Goat Weed is a herbal supplement known from Chinese medicine, that helps boost libido and energy; has also been helpful in alleviating the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS).
  • Maca is a Peruvian plant grown in the Andes. Its root has been studied for numerous powerful benefits for libido, energy, endurance, mood, and hormonal balance. It may also reduce the symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes and night sweats.
  • Tongkat Ali is a medicinal plant sometimes called “Malaysian ginseng”. It has demonstrated to increase sex drive, boost energy and improve mood and general feeling of well-being.
  • Saw Palmetto is a type of palm native to the southeastern United States. It boasts proven benefits on libido as well as mood.
  • Tribulus terrestris is a small leafy plant with yellow flowers. Studies have shown that it helps increase sexual desire, arousal, and satisfaction in women with low libido.
  • Polypodium vulgare is an evergreen fern that helps support mood and arousal and enhances energy and stamina.
  • Muira Puama is a potent plant native to the Amazonas in Brazil. Its root has shown promising benefits on stimulating libido, boosting physical performance, and improved cognitive function and healthy stress response.
  • Panax ginseng is another medicinal herb studied shown to enhance sexual function in women by improving sexual arousal.
  • Let’s finish this list off with L-arginine. L-arginine is an essential amino acid that helps increase sexual arousal in women by increasing the levels of nitric oxide in the body and thereby increasing the blood flow.

NutriONN Boost For Her

This list must have felt overwhelming, and you must be thinking which one these should you choose and how much you should take daily to achieve the perfect result?

Don’t worry! NutriONN has got you covered. We have come up with a top-notch and high potency formula that contains all these ingredients in perfect amounts. It’s called Boost For Her and all you need to do is take 2 capsules a day!

What you get in return is increased desire for intimacy and improved response to stimulation. You will get in the mood and stay there as Boost For Her supports a positive feeling throughout the day. Going for that extra mile becomes more enjoyable than ever as Boost For Her also works great on stamina and energy levels.

The formula is 100% natural, and all the ingredients are GMO-free. As always, Boost For Her is made right here in the USA in a GMP-compliant environment without any artificial ingredients.

Who Is Up for An Extra Boost?

I do have a couple of more tips for the ones who are up for giving an extra boost to their libido. These however require more effort as they are all about reviewing your current habits and potentially introducing new lifestyle choices.

To reach exceptional results, the first thing to review is your sleep quantity and quality. Try to get enough sleeping hours and if your sleeping quality is poor, consider adding Magnesium to your diet.

Stress is a huge disruptor for libido. If your daily life is stressful, it would be a good idea to learn about different stress management techniques such as meditation, spending time in nature and exercising.
In fact, moderate movement is also great for giving an extra boost to your libido even if you’re not stressed out. Working out increases blood flow and arousal in the body as well as endorphin levels that help create a general feeling of excitement in the mind and body.

To Conclude

Libido plays a very important role in a woman’s life and many women experience low levels of libido during their life. Fortunately, there are natural ways to support libido by changing your diet, adding some healthy habits and supplementing with NutriONN Boost For Her

Grab a bottle and discover your full potential!


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