How To Support Your Kidney Health

Nov 29, 2018

Kidneys have an important role to play in your body. Even though you can live with just one, making sure your kidneys are healthy is essential for your body to function properly.

However, kidney problems may not be so noticeable at first. Having issues with kidney health may lead to different chronic diseases that can be dangerous for you. So as we always say, it’s better to prevent it rather than deal with the aftermath.

What Are Kidneys and What Do They Do?

Kidneys are two fist-sized bean-shaped organs that are located below your rib cage on each side of your spine. They have quite a few important roles to play in your body that affect your overall health and well being. (Source)

Kidneys produce urine, this process filters blood by removing toxins and excess water. And then of course you’ll pee the waste water out. If your body doesn’t eliminate waste properly, toxins can start to build up in your kidneys and this may lead to several health issues.

They also remove excess acid that your body produces and maintain fluid and blood mineral balance. That balance is important for the normal functioning of tissues, nerves and muscles.

As well as removing waste and toxins from your body, kidneys also take part in making hormones that regulate blood pressure, produce red blood cells and support bone health. PS! In our last blog post we talked about hormonal balance and why it is important, so make sure to read it by clicking HERE.

What Are the Symptoms of Kidney Problems?

Kidney problems can cause a wide range of symptoms. Or often no symptoms at all. Some of the noticeable symptoms include problems with urination, blood in urine or foamy urine, kidney pain and back pain, fatigue or feeling weak and dizzy, nausea and digestive issues, itchy and dry skin, swollen hands, feet or face, food tasting like metal or breath that smells like ammonia.

If you suspect that there might be an issue with your kidneys, make sure to see a doctor who can make all the necessary tests. Having untreated kidney problems like urinary tract infection, kidney stones or kidney infection for a long time may lead to chronic kidney disease or even kidney failure. Also, if you have diabetes, it is especially important to keep an eye on your kidney health, because of the higher risk of developing kidney damage.

How Can You Support Your Kidney Health?

kidney healthProper Hydration

Because your kidneys filter waste out of your body by producing urine, you have to stay properly hydrated to flush out all the toxins. This helps to avoid waste buildup in your kidneys that in turn lowers the risk of developing kidney diseases.

Usually it is recommended to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day, but as we all are different and have different lifestyles, you might need to drink a bit more. Especially if you’re taking your workouts seriously or live in a warm climate.

Healthy Diet

Your diet should consist of vegetables, leafy greens, fruits, high quality protein and healthy fats. Ditch the processed, sugary and high-salt foods that put extra strain on your kidneys. They’ll have a much better time eliminating waste from your body when you don’t put a lot of toxins in your body in the first place.

kidney health

Furthermore, eating foods high in antioxidants helps reduce inflammation in your body. Reducing inflammation is crucial for preventing kidney infections, because chronic inflammation can cause permanent damage on your organs. Our Bromelain supplement is a great way to assist your body in fighting inflammation. You can read more about inflammation and what it does to your body by clicking HERE.

Not only is healthy food a necessary fuel for your body, it also helps manage weight and balance blood sugar levels, which is crucial to prevent diabetes. Moreover, carrying extra weight on your body is also extra work for your kidneys. To remove waste, kidneys need to filter more blood, and because they are constantly overworking, you’re putting your kidney health at risk.

Regular Exercise

As we mentioned, being overweight is a big risk factor in developing kidney diseases. So, to get fit and stay fit, it is important that you move your body regularly. Exercise is also a great way to naturally manage blood pressure levels. This in turn helps reduce the risk of developing chronic kidney disease.


kidney cleanseHerbal supplements can be a useful way to support your kidney health. For example our all natural Kidney Cleanse supplement. It consists of a blend of herbs that have been used for kidney and urinary tract health for hundreds of years.

Kidney Cleanse helps kidneys in their normal functioning of eliminating waste and toxins from your body. And because of the Organic Cranberry Extract in our product, it’s such a great way to help with urinary tract infections as well.

However, always consult with your doctor before starting to take any supplements. If you already have problems with your kidneys, the first thing to do is let your doctor make all the necessary tests. This is such an important step, because some herbs or extracts might actually do more harm than good, depending on the condition of your kidney health.

To conclude, kidneys have an important job to do in your body. This is why it’s extremely important to start with prevention early or to avoid any further damage. Luckily, preventing kidney diseases and supporting your kidney health is fairly easy by leading a healthy lifestyle.

You can read more about our Kidney Cleanse supplement by clicking HERE.


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