10 Amazing Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Today coconut oil can be found in supermarkets in a variety of forms. You can use it topically, internally, as a supplement or in cooking. Coconut oil isn’t popular for nothing – populations in areas where coconuts have been consumed daily for centuries, are the healthiest populations on the planet. Here are 10 the most important health benefits of coconut oil.

1. Coconut oil is loaded with healthy fats

Coconut oil is mostly made up of medium chain triglycerides (MCT); which research has shown to be healthy and easily digestible by the human body. As opposed to long chain triglycerides found in most animal-based foods. Coconut oil consists of about 90-92 % of these healthier fats! What a good thing to eat!

2. Coconut oil possesses powerful antibacterial properties

Roughly 50% of those awesome MCTs are lauric acid, followed in amount by capric acid. These particular components give coconut oil its potential power to deal with several harmful bacteria (including the ones causing urinary tract infections, throat infections and pneumonia) and viruses (including influenza, herpes and cytomegalovirus). Both lauric and capricic acid are found in human breast milk, that protects the baby from viruses and bacteria.

3. Antifungal properties of coconut oil are noteworthy, as it has been shown to be helpful in preventing and even curing candida (yeast, that causes fungal infections). It provides relief from the inflammation caused by this fungus both internally and topically. There was even a research in 2007 concluding, that coconut oil should be used to treat fungal infections, in the view of many drug-resistant species emerging.

4. Potentially beneficial aiding against stress and depression

Medium chain fatty acids have been found helpful in reducing stress and coconut oil consists primarily of MCT. Research has suggested that coconut oil may be beneficial in reducing stress-induced damage in the body and also restore antioxidant balance (especially imbalances caused by stress).

5. Good bone and teeth health

Coconut oil helps the body to absorb minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. These two minerals are not only essential for maintaining healthy teeth and strong bones, but coconut oil has also been shown to stop and prevent tooth cavities.

6. Powerful help in losing weight and reducing body fat

Coconut oil promotes ketosis, which essentially means, that the body is not using carbohydrates for its primary source of energy – it uses fats. When a person is in ketosis, instead of feeling hunger the minute his/her belly is empty, the body starts to burn its own fat. Even if not in ketosis, since coconut oil is easy to digest, it increases the body’s metabolic rate and supports the healthy functioning of thyroid and endocrine systems.

7. Strengthens immune system

As mentioned, coconut oil has pretty impressive antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. It has the potential power to protect human organism for harmful bacteria, therefore strengthening overall immune system.

8. Better and faster metabolism

The fact that fatty acids present in coconut oil are antibacterial, help to kill bad bacteria in the gut. This in turn helps to prevent indigestions caused by the bad bacteria. It also increases body’s metabolic rate by reducing stress on pancreas, which leads to burning more energy.

9. Good for your heart health

This is again thanks to this extremely good component of coconut oil, the lauric acid. Lauric acid helps to prevent and help with many heart-related conditions, such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. Therefore, it reduces the occurrence of injury or damage to the arteries which helps in preventing atherosclerosis.

10. Helps to reduce bad cholesterol levels and increase good cholesterol

Coconut oil is rich in healthy fats, which means it is not elevating blood cholesterol! It is known to increase good cholesterol and also reduce blood sugar levels.

These 10 benefits are essentially just a a brief synopsis of the many useful properties coconut oil possesses. Incorporating coconut oil in your daily menu can benefit you in so many ways. We, the people on the NutriONN team, have used coconut oil daily for a couple of years now and we feel the difference! We are happy that we have been able to put the good stuff in capsules and give you the chance to reap its benefits. Our product is 100% natural and made right here in the USA.

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